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Review : Victoria’S Secret Body Mist In Pure Seduction, Love Spell & Aqua Kiss

Top 10 Victoria Secret Body Mists Ranked by Average Rating

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
1 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist 9.9
2 Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Blush Fragrance Mist 9.7
3 Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, Coconut Passion 9.6
4 Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Amber Romance 9.4
5 Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love BODY MIST 9.2
6 Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist for Women 9.1
7 Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly Body Mist 8.8
8 Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean 8.7
9 Victoria’s Secret – Vanilla Lace – Fragrance Mist 8.4
10 Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, Love Spell 8.3

On warm summer days, we like to stay fresh and with nice and clean scent. But with perfumes and body lotions, sometimes that can be impossible. That is where having one of these best selling body mists comes into play. Whether you buy from Victoria’s Secret or pick another brand, a body mist helps you smell great without being overpowering. When there is not enough air and the humidity is high, perfumes can be very heavy and even unpleasant. Not to mention how can body become sticky and oily thanks to some body lotions. On days like these, what you really need is a body mist.

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Best-Selling Victoria Secret Body Mists – Updated for 2021

Nothing can be better than buying from Victoria’s Secret. The company has an incredible history and millions of women shop there each and every year. With its light and clean texture, your body will stay fresh and it will carry a nice and light fragrance of fruity, fresh, fruity floral, and warm notes. Some of the body mists can be enriched with body lotion or some kind of treatment oils, so it will nurture your skin as well. Our team reviewed the top 10 best selling mists from Victoria’s Secret and rated them below for the year 2021.

All you need is to know what fragrance is the best for your skin, and of course, the most pleasant to your sense of smell. The rest leave to us. We will select the best fragrances of Victoria’s Secret body mists for you. We looked at the size of the bottle, smell, fragrance, and number of satisfied customers for each smell. Now, on to the body mists!


Rating 9.9 stars

8.4-ounce bottle ( 250 ml )Purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid, and Shangri-la yellow peonyBright fragranceFloral and exotic smellPlastic bottle

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist is the best seller. It is at the top of this list thanks to a great number of satisfied users. The fragrance of this body mist is light, floral and exotic at the same time. Of course, the same body mist can smell different on someone else, but most of us know what kind of fragrance has the good vibe with our body chemistry.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell mist is the bland of vanilla orchid, purple passion fruit, and Shangri-la yellow peony, but it is important to emphasize that it doesn’t have the sweet smell. This is the original edition, the summer and autumn edition have different bottle design.

The body mist is never long lasting like perfume, and if you are looking for something like that you can just buy the Bombshell Perfume. The light fragrance will last long enough and its smell won’t be heavy and unpleasant. The bottles of body mists are always made of plastic and they don’t have boxes. If you like bright and vibrant fragrance this one is the perfect choice for you. This one is must have for 2021.

Fantasies Blush

Rating 9.7 stars

Plastic bottle8.4-ounce or 250 mlMagnolia and grapefruit blossom notesFresh and light fragranceDoesn’t have a sweet smell

The Fantasies Blush body mist is a fantastic fragrance for romantic and sweet girls. With its fresh and light notes of magnolia and grapefruit blossom, this body mist will be something that you will use all your life. It lasts long enough to go through your hard working day with fresh body scent, and at the end of the day, you will be still able to feel the trace of this divine mist.

This would be a perfect gift for someone who likes this type of fragrance, but it would be a nice change in your body mist routine. This body mist is not like the perfume and the smell heaviness is different, but sometimes in hot days we actually need a light smell that won’t choke us or the people around us. Just wear it and let someone fall for you and your new body scent. There is a reason why this one is on the second place on the list.

It is perfect for everyday use as well as for the special occasions. You won’t regret this purchase.

Coconut Passion

Rating 9.6 stars

8.4-ounce bottle or 250 mlBlend of vanilla, lily, and coconutAloe Vera and chamomile gives the softness to your skinLightly sweet notesPlastic bottles

If you like fragrances that remind you of the beach and summer then the Coconut Passion body mist is your match. The vanilla gives it a light sweet scent while the smell of coconut dominates. This body mist doesn’t have a heavy and unpleasant smell, its lightness is the best part. Through the whole day, you will wear the nice and light notes of summer on your skin.

People usually dislike the plastic bottles, but since it is a body mist and its smell doesn’t last like perfumes, you will probably use it twice a day, so you will carry it in your bag. The plastic bottle is good since there are small chances that it will break if you put down your bag with some extra power.

Since the notes are light and sweet at the same time this body mist is good for teenagers as well as for the ladies in the certain age.A perfect gift for a dear person or yourself, this should be the fragrance for nice and sunny days.

Amber Romance

Rating 9.4 stars

8.4-ounce or 250 ml bottleAfter shower and bath body mistRefreshing scentNotes of amber and vanillaAloe vera and chamomile soften the scent of the body mist and your skin

The fragrance of Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance body mist is a perfect scent for mature ladies. Its nice, warm and sensual notes will leave an unforgettable fragrance on your body and ambiance.

We could describe this smell like the blend of cherry, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Since it is a body mist and not the perfume, its smell will be nice and light. Perfect for everyday use, this one will charm people that are in your company. The presence of aloe vera and chamomile is soothing give this scent a new soft and smooth note, that won’t be unpleasant or heavy.

We can say that this is the perfect winter fragrance. Of course, you can use it any time, it’s just that this type of warm and soft notes reminds us on Christmas celebrations. If you love sweet scents, but just a little sweet, this is the perfect body mist for you. You and the people around you will enjoy its holiday scents. You will love it!

Sheer Love

Rating 9.2 stars

8.4-ounce bottle ( 250 ml )Fresh fragranceNotes of pink lily and white cottonThe smell is bright and livelyChamomile and aloe vera soften the scent

The Sheer Love 8.4-ounce body mist is something that sends the “I am all woman” message. Every lady will enjoy its scent as well as those passing by her. The light and smooth notes of white cotton and pink lily are romantic and pure, and it will last all day in nice and delicate traces.

So far we didn’t emphasize the bottle size, and that is also the good side of this product. The 250 ml bottle will last longer and the fact that it is made of plastic will assure you that it won’t break easily.

If you don’t like heavy and sweet fragrances, this body mist is perfect for you. It is light and feminine, and every mature lady will enjoy it. It won’t be that great gift for teenagers or young and restless souls. But for important ladies, like a beloved woman, mother or grandmother, this will be a perfect surprise.

If you are looking for a nice change in your body mist routine this one will be a nice and refreshing change. You won’t regret this purchase.

Pure Seduction

Rating 9.1 stars

8.4-ounce or 250 ml bottleNotes of plum, freesia, and casaba melonChamomile and aloe vera softness the scentBottle made of plasticRefreshing fragrance

If you like a light and sweet scent, then the incredible Pure Seduction body mist will steal your heart. Not too sweet and with nice and delicate floral notes this fragrance is pure seduction.

Every woman and their man will enjoy this scent. Just like every body-mist, it won’t last a whole day with the same strength, but it will leave a nice and delicate trace on your skin until the end of the day.

If you prefer long-lasting scents just buy the same perfume, or use this body mist several times during the day. It is for sure that body mists will last 10 hours at least. This is long enough to make it through your working day. The body mist has a light structure and the surface of your body won’t be sticky or oily once you spray it.

Perfect for hot or humid summer days. Every lady will enjoy this romantic and soft fragrance. It will become your favorite once you try it. The new fragrance for the new season. Treat yourself with this fantastic body mist.

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Love Is Heavenly

Rating 8.8 stars

8.4 ounces bottle ( 250 ml )Notes of mandarin flower, water lily, and luminous muskDiscontinuedPure and fresh fragranceComes in the bottle without box and unsealed

This Victoria’s Secret body mist has a pure and fresh fragrance. Love is Heavenly body mist is just like it’s name sounds, heavenly! With its light sweet undertones, it will leave a nice and soft feminine scent. Every delicate and romantic girl or a woman will love it.

Although it is just a body mist and not a perfume, it has a long-lasting and light smell. You or people around you won’t feel the heavy and unpleasant scents that have excessive after smell.

The bottle portion is more than generous, and once you buy it, it will last long, unless you are someone who likes to take bath in the body mist. The secret in clean and long-lasting effect lies in the clean and freshly showered body.

The bottle is made of plastic and if you are the proud owner of a huge woman purse, this one will fit in. If you drop down the bag it won’t break like the glass made perfume bottles. Once you spray it, the scent will last approximately 10 hours which is more than enough for a busy day. Even at the end of the day, you will be able to feel the light notes of this divine fragrance. Every lady will love it.

Pink Fresh & Clean

Rating 8.7 stars

8.4-ounce or 250 ml bottleFresh and clean fragranceSkin absorbs it quicklyInfused with aloe vera and body lotionNotes of fresh apple and lily

This fragrance will fit in with a young girl, it is light and vibrant like their souls. The clean and fresh tones of Pink Fresh and Clean will last through a busy and warm day. Pink Fresh and Clean body mist is infused with the aloe vera and body lotion so the skin will be soft and smooth.

It is not just the nice and tender scent that will give to your skin, this Victoria’s Secret body mist will also nurture your body with Hydrosols. Like most of Victoria’s Secret body mists, this one also comes in big portions, but you will be able to find the purse edition with the 2.5-ounce bottles. The difference in price between small and big bottle is almost imperceptible, so if you are someone who likes good deals, you should go with the big bottle.

This would be a perfect gift for some young lady that you love or a nice present for your daughter or grand-daughter. Although the smell is light, it will last through the day, and everyone around you will enjoy its nice and restless smell. If you are not young enough for this fragrance, surprise some girl with this nice and precious gift.

Vanilla Lace

Rating 8.4 stars

8.4-ounce or 250 ml bottleEnriched with chamomile and aloe veraRefreshing and calming fragranceNurtures bodySoft notes of vanilla

Since the vanilla is the main scent in this Victoria’s Secret body mist, we have to say that it has a little sweet fragrance. Women who like the scent of vanilla will adore this Victoria’s Secret product available now called simply Vanilla Lace.

The reason why this fragrance is not that heavy and sweet is that this is a body mist. It is necessary for any type of sheer mist to be light and not to last too long. Even when you get the impression that the scent faded away, people around you will be able to smell the light and calming traces of soft vanilla.

In the version of body mist, vanilla as a fragrance can be used even during hot and humid days, it won’t have the unpleasant smell. The chamomile and aloe vera nurtures your body and once you spray this body mist, your skin will become soft and smooth to a touch. To someone, vanilla notes are the „ signature“ fragrance.

If you know someone like that, or you are that person, you have to try this body mist by all means. We are sure that you will use it for the rest of your life. This is must have fragrance!

Love Spell

Rating 8.3 stars

8.4-ounce bottle ( 250 ml )Infused with aloe vera, oat, and grape-seed extractsEnriched with vitamins E and CLight and sensual fragranceNotes of cherry blossom, white jasmine, and peach

Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret is a sensual fragrance for sensual ladies. This body mist will sweep you off your feet. With its light texture, your skin will be fresh and enriched with soft traces of cherry blossom, white jasmine, and peach notes.

This body mist is infused with vitamins E and C and with the aloe vera, and grape-seed and oat extracts. Your skin will be smooth and soft just like you used body lotion and not just body mist.

The old formula for this fragrance lasted just several hours, but all Victoria’s Secret Body Mists have a new formula for long-lasting effect and smell. The fragrance is a little sweet but not too much, and even those with a sensitive nose will say that this smell is very soft and sensual.

When you think of this body mist you imagine sweet and sensual lady. People around you will be delighted once you join their company, and you will be the one known as the „girl with delicate body scent“. If you are ready for a change, let this body-mist be your new favorite one. You won’t regret it, we guarantee!

Common ingredients found in body mists

The ingredients of every Victoria’s Secret body mist can be different in one or two components. The fragrance is always different because it defines the scent of the body mist. Other ingredients are: Alcohol Denat., water, fragrance, propylene glycol, glycerin, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, PPG-25-Buteth-26, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Chamomilla Recutita flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Amyl Cinnamal, benzyl alcohol,benzyl salicylate, butylphenyl methylporopional, citral, citronellol, limonene, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, linalool, blue 1, red 33, ext. violet 2.

It is important to emphasize that if you are someone with sensitive skin, this type of body mist can cause rash or allergies. Victora’s Secret doesn’t test their cosmetic products on animals, so if you prefer natural beauty products you should avoid these body mists.

How are body mists different than normal perfume?

We won’t go into some deep explanation about the chemical ingredients. What is important to know is that the perfumes last longer, their fragrance is more intense and they are packed in smaller bottles. You don’t spray them often or on frequent occasions during the day. In that way, you will just become someone who smells unpleasantly.


Although we usually have some fragrance that suits our skin chemistry the best, you will need to know if that fragrance is matched with winter or summer ( hot or cold weather ). We all know that strong fragrances smell even stronger on hot days. That is why you can find summer and winter editions of some perfumes.

The body mist is something that you would use in situations when you want your body to have a nice, tender and light smell. It is perfect for hot or days with high humidity. When your skin is already sweaty and sticky, all you need is a fresh wave of clean and light floral or fresh fragrance. You don’t have to be tight when spraying body mist, it is always packed in big portions, so just lose your hand and let your body feel the freshness magic.

We already said that some body mists have infused body lotion or treatment oils, so once you spray some of the body mist fragrances, your skin will become soft and smooth. There is no need for heavy and oily body lotions. Body mists didn’t last too long, but new formula extended the time of the fragrance lasting.

Why do I only smell the alcohol?

Almost every body mist smells like pure alcohol at the moment you spray it on your body. But that lasts only a few seconds. The alcohol will fade away and the fragrance will stay at your skin. When it comes to perfumes you just need a few sprays at the pulse points, but with the body mist you can and should be creative. Spray it everywhere, and if you want it to last the whole working day, you should spray it even more. So don’t worry about the alcoholic smell, you will be the only one to feel it, and it will fade away before you leave the house.

How many Victoria’s Secret Body Mist fragrances are there?

With the new arrivals, there are 40 different body mist fragrances. We are pretty sure that you will find that one that suits your taste the best. Since the price of body mists is never too high, you will be able to explore their offer without any great money lost.

It is important to know that there is the travel edition of some fragrances. These travel bottles are smaller and they are 2.5 ounces. Normal Victoria’s Secret Body Mist bottle is 8.4 ounces or 250 ml. Big enough for a quick shower with it. Every body mist has its pair in body lotion. If you want your fragrance to last longer you can do that by combining body lotion and body mist at the same time.

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Final Review and Conclusions for 2021

With the new year brings new trends. And Victoria’s Secret beauty products are very popular among the young girls as well as among the ladies at the certain age. With it great offer in fragrances, there is no possibility for you not to find your “signature” fragrance. Some of us work in special working places and we can’t use perfumes. That is the time and situation when we turn to a body mist. With the light and clean smell, it won’t affect the environment too much. Everyone will enjoy the gentle scent of your favorite fragrance. It is nice to be recognized as a lady who always smells good.

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