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Assumed Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh? Assumed Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Assumed

< + to infinitive > We can”t assume the suspects to be guilty simply because they”ve decided to remain silent.

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to take or begin to have responsibility or control, sometimes without the right to do so, or to begin to have a characteristic:
assume control/office/a role Europe has assumed a leadership role in the prevention of future global crises.
assume responsibility for sth The FSA said mortgages would not be affected when it assumed responsibility for the regulation of mortgage sales.

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assume a debt/mortgage/risk In addition to paying $3 billion in cash, the newspaper group will assume $600 million of the company’s debt.
We emphasize the need to assume uniformity of extended preferences among individual observers; otherwise, the ordinary utilitarian formula cannot be derived.
Further investigation is required, because the issues are too important for simply assuming that persistence and intractability necessarily imply an organic genesis.
The stoichiometry of the exact reaction will depend on the nature of the organic matter involved, here assumed to be saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon.
As a result, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are merely a higher form of animal life resulting from a slow evolutionary process.
Let us assume for the moment that such simulations are possible physically and follow the implications.
Indeed, we assume that the phonetic processes of the type described are generally not accessible to overt manipulation.
Assume every $1 contribution returns $500 to the group- $0.50 to the contributor and $499.50 to the other members ($0.50 each).
To isolate the problem, assume that if satisfactory reasoning is not forthcoming, the decision can be reversed.
In addition, many of the primitive parsers can be simplified by assuming that the functions representing parsers and the functions representing success continuations are curried.






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